The Escape Clause by Chuck Thurston


We sometimes had to make decisions we weren’t entirely comfortable with in the large corporation I worked for. We would usually hedge our bet a little by discussing a Plan B. What to do if our first actions don’t work out as we hope? I call this the “Escape Clause.”

I recommend this approach to all young men who are newly wed or contemplating getting there soon. It could save you a lot of heartburn. Let me explain the traps you can get in and how you can quickly extricate yourself.

I have a little glass of port almost every night before I go to bed. Port is a nauseatingly sweet red wine, but I drink it to help me to get to sleep. In fact, when I once told this to a friend, he asked me, “Are you having trouble sleeping?”

“Well, duh…not since I started drinking a little glass of port before I go to bed!”

But back to Plan B. My wife occasionally joins me in a before bedtime drinkee-poo, so I usually ask her as I am getting my own if she would like something also. Last night, I was about to ask her what her choice would be, when I had a sudden insight. “I bet you would like a little Drambuie, wouldn’t you?

She said “Why…yes!” so I went to the “likker locker” and got the bottle out. It was nearly empty – just enough left for one or two small drinks. Here was my Plan A and how it almost got me in a world of trouble, and how a Plan B quickly saved my hide:

Plan A: I said, “I am going to have to get a bottle of Irish Cream – it is much cheaper than Drambuie…”

Plan B: “…but you are worth every penny of an additional expense, Dearie!”

Even before that Plan A statement had left my mouth, I knew I would be in trouble if I left it hanging out there. In fact, she had turned her head toward me, and that look was beginning to form. I was saved by my swift execution of the Escape Clause! Young married fellows – cultivate this skill! I had to learn it the hard way over many years – I pass it on to you as a public service. You’re welcome.

Chuck Thurston frequently finds himself ub-dubbing and escape clausing  for something or other.  He has chronicled many of his adventures in two books “Senior Scribbles Unearthed” and “Senior Scribbles Second Dose,” – both available on Amazon.


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