Assembly Disassembly by Chuck Thurston


“Nature doesn’t know extinction.” – Werner Von Braun

“Time is an illusion.” – Albert Einstein

“I ain’t dead yet!” – Richard Feynman


Assembly Disassembly


Things start before we think they do;

Not over when they’re done.


E.g., I used some Keats once on a maid —

“She walks in beauty like the night…”

And yada, yada all the rest.


Time was, reciting stuff like this could get you laid?

“Yes”, she said and proved Keats right.

Lit 101 (of England) made possible this tryst —

But I digress.


Take me. Dad’s seed, Mom’s egg,

Moved more by lust than purpose, I would hope —

Began assembly of this mortal pup.


Oh sure, some early disassembly frays;

Placenta, foreskin gone as things elsewhere were

Adding and Subtracting in those old cloth diaper days.


So up I went: “He’s growing like a weed”,

And netting out to: “such a handsome boy”.


But anon Ma Nature eats your lunch;

Teeth, hair, (good riddance kidney stone)

And other sloughing off of form and function.


But Ma just doesn’t know extinction, so

Back and forth across the stuff and energy divide.

Matter now, but kilowatts soon, you cosmic toy!


Then back again, soon enough, whatever soon is,

Time being also illusory.

Whew! What a ride!


Think — David and Goliath now both mouldered,

Perhaps a bronze breastplate and slingshot stone around.

That’s it – the rest is disassembled in suspension, and

Even now, you might be breathing ancient molecules,

Of Jesus even – with vapor from the Ascension!


Hitler maybe not yet disassembled to the point

Where he is readily available to inhale;

Don’t slow up to take a breather, though.


Nature plays no favorites here;

It’s all rock and roll to her, Pal —

Now rock, now rolling in the ether.


But here’s the good part.

Some day the sun will swallow all this up;

A-Yup, hup, hup, and re-assembly will commence —

Again! Who knows what shape this time?


Golf champ? Blue whale? Green slime?

Hope for the best, of course, but worms turn —

And any old sport in a dorm.


Things start before we think they do,

And not over when they’re done.


Chuck Thurston June 2012


Writers Night Out by Chuck Thurston


FE open mike posterDear Writers –

Here’s what’s coming up in the next few months:

July 23 – Writers Night Out – Mike Knox

Mike Knox is a journalist with the Kannapolis-Concord Independent Tribune. He’ll be our discussion leader and tell us how his reporting skills helped him in putting together a documentary film on the circus. Who doesn’t like a circus? This promises to be an interesting and informative evening. As always at our meetings, we will wind up the evening with an open mike so you can share your poetry or short prose selections with us.

August 27 – Writers Night Out – Peg Robarchek

Peg published a book of poems, Inventing Sex this spring. Listen – if that title doesn’t get you off the coach and to a meeting…Peg will read from her work, and discuss poetry generally – or whatever else pops up. Be prepared to read some of your own or perhaps a favorite poem by someone else for open mike. An evening with Peg Robarchek is to be much anticipated and subsequently savored.

September 24 – Writers Night Out – Melinda Metz

Melinda will discuss her plans to support NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – This is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing.  On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30. Melinda is a tremendously productive creator of Young Adult literature.

All meetings are at the French Express Coffee House at the corner of S. Cannon Blvd and Dale Earnhardt Blvd. – around the corner from the new Planet Fitness facility. We get started at 6:30 p.m. and go until the FE folks kick us out – generally around 8:00 pm.  Get there early to sign in and get a cup of the good French Express coffee – or iced mocha this time of year might be your choice.

September 26 and October 24. Kannapolis Arts Festival dates

This is an outstanding opportunity to sell your published material at an authors’ table. Check with Mike Knox ( for details.

Chuck Thurston

Regional Rep, North Carolina Writers’ Network

Charlotte Metro North Region


Gadgetry by Chuck Thurston



I draw near – it unlocks the door;

A button will close it behind.

It shows what’s behind me – and more –

Lets me know when the traffic’s unkind!

My New Car is smarter than me…


When I’m watching some foreign flick,

And I don’t understand what they say;

It gives me subtitles real quick,

Or lets me back up and replay!

My TV is smarter than me…


It tells me the minutes I’ve used,

And let’s me block all the blockheads.

It knows time and date, stops abuse,

‘Cause it knows when I’m due for my meds!

My Cell Phone is smarter than me…


My Gadgets are smarter than me.

I’ll bet yours are smarter than you;

Don’t fret, friends – just let them be.

Kick back and enjoy this breakthrough.


It ‘s tough to admit it, I know;

And saying it really makes me blush.

I feel more and more like a schmo.

Our gadgets are smarter than us…

Spring Wind by Anne Vaughan


The calendar says February

but the lion-ish wind

blowing fiercely from the west

says March.


Branches weakened by winter storms

come crashing down while

garbage cans scoot down the street

like sailboats loosed from their moorings.


The wind has scudded all

the clouds from the sky leaving

a clear spring blue with half a pale moon

blowing dangerously close.


A storm door not tightly latched

lies on our front lawn and

an errant sheet of white tissue paper

whips around on a pole like a dancer’s skirt.


Mother Nature is hell-bent

on spring cleaning.