Opening Night by Chuck Thurston


A couple of years ago I wrote a 10-minute play accepted for staging by the Old Courthouse Theatre in Concord, NC. I had written barrels of technical stuff and reams of newspaper columns and stories, but had never done a play. I was nervous as a cat in a kennel as I looked over the program on opening night, with descriptions of the seven plays selected. I noted that the woman who would be doing one of my roles was also in the opening play that night and I was anxious to see what she was like.

Well now. Amy Hope Laughter jumped all over the character in that play. She was vivacious, energetic, improvisational (a key prop was missing) – and with a deft comedic touch. I turned to my wife and said, “Heidi, I think I have hit the jackpot!”

And I had. She nailed my role – actually gave me insights into the character that hadn’t occurred to me. After all of the performances, I waited backstage (feeling rather like a “stage door Johnny”) until she appeared – beautiful, gracious, accommodating.

Why in the world hadn’t I thought of flowers?

Amy Laughter at OCT