The Power of Positive Prodding



old man with cane

One morning last week I woke up with a backache. It was a cold morning. I thought that if ever I had an excuse to take a morning off from our Y exercises, this would be the one. As I got out of bed, I recalled a song that I had heard my grandmother sing. I walked into the kitchen where my wife was setting out breakfast dishes. I affected a pathetic shuffle and sang in a creaky voice:

Darling, I am growing o-old,

Silver threads among the gold,

Shine upon my brow toda-ay,

Life is fading fast a-waay…

 My wife looked at me and said, “Oh knock it off!” We wound up going to the Y.

I have a close friend who owns a very difficult dog. It is destructive and noisy and can’t be trusted around the occasional visitor. He has often told me about the many tasks he has had to abandon or lay aside – or the repairs he has to make after its mischief. He is a bachelor.

I saw a solution to his problems, and told him so. He should get rid of the dog and take a wife. “It will be just as noisy and disruptive,” I said, “…but you will get a lot more done!”


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